Lab Registration

Lab registration will be face to face@KB410 on 5th of July (Friday) 9:00-17:00. There is no online registration

If you already have a valid lab grade (check repeat grades), you will not register for the Lab.

Check if you need to register for the Lab.

Learn how to register for the Lab. 


  • Lab Registration period is only ONE day. If you miss the registration, you miss the labs. If you have any serious excuse which prevents you from attending the registration, send an e-mail as soon as possible.
  • If you are unable to attend to lab registration, you may send a friend of yours. Remember that the resposibility for any misleading info would be yours. 
  • You must supply us your weekly schedule including your part-time jobs and other educational activities during the registration. Responsability of any mistake in your shedule is YOURS!
  • If you take more than two PHYL courses, then you must register for both on registration. Fill in two schedules and notify the instructor there that you take two courses.
  • If you have a part time job, any other activity in your schedule or if you have transportation problems/difficulties notify the instructor there before finilizing and leaving your schedule!
  • Be sure that the info you supply during registration is correct. After the registration day, no change is possible in your schedule, and your section will be determined according to the schedule left. 


  • Spring and Summer 2020 Lab grades are not valid. Other online Lab grades will be valid anytime! Check your old lab grade HERE!
  • Those who have already passed the lab (online or in class) are not going to be allowed to retake the Lab. Your old lab grade will be sent to your course instructor.