Lab Finals

Physics Lab Final Exam will be held on 2nd August 2024, @17:00-19:00 @NH 

Classrooms TBA on the day of exam. 


You are expected to be prepared for all experiments performed this semester and the related subject and ready for the Final Exam.


Lab Grade = average (Lab Report) + Lab Final Exam

Lab Reports (including pre-lab report) = 12; Lab Final = 8; TOTAL = 20

A total of at least 10 out of 20 is required to pass the Lab. Otherwise you fail the course even if your course grades are enough to pass the course. Lab is mandatory for the course.


There is no make-up or excuse exam for the Lab Final Exam. If you miss the exam for any reason, you will get 0 from it!

However if your grade from lab reports is at least 10 out of 12, you will pass the lab even if your lab final exam is 0.