Lab Grade = Average of Experiments (Lab Sheets) + Lab Final Exam

Lab Sheets (including pre-lab report) = 12 pts;           Lab Final = 8 pts;                 TOTAL = 20 pts

Lab sheets (12 pts) = pre-Lab Report (2 pts) + Lab report (10 pts)


  • Your lab grade makes 20 percent of your total course grade.
  • If you fail the lab, then you automatically fail the main course and cannot take the final exam of it, regardless of your midterm results.
  • You must repeat the lab until you had pass the lab. If you alredy passed the lab, your most recent lab grade is taken into account. 

- Effective from Spring 2023 semester, repeating the lab is not permitted unless you have failed your last attempt.

  • Lab final exam is 8/20 pts, experiment grade is 12/20 pts.
  • There are 7 or 8 experiments depending on the course you are taking . Each experiment is 12 pts.
  • Lab sheet accounts for 12 pts: 2pts for pre-Lab report and 10 pts for Lab report. Your report is filled during the lab session. 
  • Pre-Lab reports MUST be handed in the very 5 mins. of the lab session or get 0!
  • At the end of the semester, your average grade for the experiments is calculated (out of 12). 
  • ALL experiments will be used to calculate your grade. If we perform 8 experimets, average will be over 8 report grades! 


  • If you have a valid excuse that does not require make up (only for ONE experiment per semester), that experiment is not considered when taking average.
  • If you have more than ONE, you get 0 except the first one! (Only ONE valid health report per semester is accepted!)
  • Your health report might not be valid in some casess. Read the rules HERE!
  • No make-up for the labs are possible except "Excuses that require make-up" cases. Check HERE!
  • If you miss the first 30 mins. of the lab session, you get ZERO from that session. Attending the lab so late for any reason including transportation problems will not be tolerated!


  • In order to pass the lab, you must get min. 10 out of 20 pts regardless of your attendance to experiments and lab final exam.
  • Your lab report and exam grades may contain decimal points. However, you final lab grades will not have any decimals, so rounding off is applied.
  • If you miss the lab final, you miss it! There is no make-up even if you have a heath reporth. Though, missing the final will not necesseraly fail you from the lab. (That depends on your experiment grades!)
  • Special duties from the university may be considered seperately.
  • Attending the LAB is NOT mandatory, however if your final lab grade falls below 10/20, you fail it!
  • Though attendence is considered in the first place if you have a special case. 
  • Attendence in lab sessions and the lab final might be appriciated even if your lab grades are low. Try not to miss them. 


  • Lab is not only about physics, but also about lab discipline, methodology, measurement, data taking and calculation rules. Dimensional analysis, significant figures and units are extremely important. Presenting your work as a proper lab report is also tested.  
  • Same principles are applied for the lab final exam unless the opposite is indicated.